Playing electronic pop songs set apart by catchy melodies, a distinguished voice, crisp production, and plenty of bass, Allen Alexis was originally founded in 2009 by DJ and producer Philip Preuss and musician Günther Bernhart. Musician and techno producer Gerald Peklar has been part of the band since 2010, and drummer Josef Schmiderer completes the band at their live perfomances.


Their first single, Here Tonight, garnered massive play time and great chart positions on Austria’s FM4 radio station, which even selected the song for its „Best of 2009“ compilation. Their debut track was followed by further successful singles that also made it to the charts. Allen Alexis had several live gigs in 2011, including Fluc Wanne Vienna, Prater Sauna Vienna, Waves Festival Vienna, Weekender Club Innsbruck, Dockville Festival Hamburg, Danube Rave Festival Linz and Rockhouse Salzburg, which is a testament to Allen Alexis’ quality when playing live, as well as to their skills in clubs.


Many years of experience and contributions to several musical projects – mainly in the field of electronic music – underpin the band’s versatility and uniqueness. Symphonic pop harmonies, tight, minimal beats, soulful vocals, and house-infused arrangements – that’s what Allen Alexis music is about.